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PADI eLearning


The Pinnacles PDF Print E-mail

The Pinnacle… A mind blowing experience! As you descend  the mooring line, massive schools of bait fish part, creating a funnel like passage to allow you through; huge Yellowtail King fish glide past with pride and resident Giant Black Rays swoop over head. The Pinnacle is a massive rock formation lying ‘smack-bang’ in the middle of the ocean and being one of the most unique dive sites in the whole of NSW, it is guaranteed that no two dives here are ever the same!

As you come to the end of the mooring line, you reach the tip of the Pinnacle and you’re now surrounded by an amazing array of unique marine life. Scarlet Mowong dance on their tails, Lionfish flair their sharp spines, sleeping Wobbygong sharks lay in gutters and all the while curious Grey Nurse Sharks have begun lurking in from the distance, often in aggregations of 30 or more sharks! Nothing beats the feeling of being amongst these beautiful, majestic creatures.

Perfect For The Photographer: Find a vacant gutter to lay in, and if you can remain still for long enough, Grey Nurse Sharks will often swim right over the top of you and not even notice that you are there, giving you some real “up close and very personal” photo opportunities. Awesome photography to share!

ENTRY: Entry into the water is done by giant stride off the stern, then you swim to the bow and hold the mooring line.

DESCENT: Descend the mooring line holding the line all the way to the bottom.

DEPTH: 26 metres to 38 metres (We recommend that you stay within 30m to obtain the best possible bottom time)

BOTTOM TIMES: We suggest that you have a max bottom time of 18 minutes or run your computers.

SAFETY STOP: You need to do a safety stop for 5 minutes at 5 metres.

BACK UP STOPS: If you over stay your bottom time then you will need to do a safety stop at 5 metres for 15 minutes at least (air permitting)

Current can be running hard. Hold the mooring line on your descent all the way to the bottom.
Visibility can sometimes be down to just 2 metres or so, but can also be 25 metres plus.
Depth can also be a danger as you could run low on, or out of air.

IF YOU: Come off the mooring line: Do a normal ascent to the safety stop at 5 metres. Do a 5-min safety stop, surface, establish positive buoyancy, signal the boat and deploy your safety sausage. Wave your arm or safety sausage if you need help and we will come and get you as soon as possible.