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“Fulla Fish” The Colours are three bommies that are home to an amazing amount of different species of fish life, hence the name the ‘Colours’.This dive is particularly good for people who enjoy an easy, shallow dive with the main attraction being the ridiculously large amount of sea life living in and amongst the bommies, including Loggerhead Turtles, Wobbygong, Crayfish, Stingrays, Morey eels, Groper, Starfish and Sea Urchins by the hundreds just to name a few.

The Bommy that is furthest north is the best part of the site do dive, reaching about 12 metres in depth. The other bommies are great as well, acting like massive rock walls creating a series of gutters for a good little swim through.

ENTRY: You can get in to the water by a giant stride from the stern then swim to the bow.

DESCENT: Descend the anchor line holding the anchor line all the way down to the sand.

DEPTH: 12 metres on the sand.

BOTTOM TIME: Can be up to 45 minutes, we recommend 35 minutes.

SAFETY STOPS. There is no safety stop required. A slow ascent from every dive is important!

DANGER: Current can be running hard, so you should hold the mooring line on your descent all the way to the bottom. Visibility can sometimes be down to 2 metres or so. It can be up to 25 metres plus. Depth can also be a danger as you could run low or run out of air.

IF YOU: Come off the anchor line: Do a normal ascent, surface, establish positive boyancy, signal the boat and deploy your safety saugage. Wave your arm if you need help or your safety sauage and we will come and get you as soon as we can.


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