The Bait Grounds Print

A nice little dive close to home. The Bait Grounds are a beautiful dive, close to home and accessible for all types of diving whether it be boat diving, shore diving, or snorkeling for all our non-divers out there. Situated in average 9 metres of water, The Bait Grounds is a reef that extends about 75 metres along and 20 metres wide. The kelp covered reef is home to an amazing array of sea life including Red Line Cleaner Shrimp that hide in the small undercuts on the south side of the reef, Morey eels by the hundreds, Wobbygong sharks that sleep in amongst the kelp, massive schools of baitfish (hence the name “The Bait Grounds”) and the odd Grey Nurse Sharks just to name a few. Along the Southern side of the reef, about half way up, there is a beautiful big sponge which in certain times of the year, is home to the Southern Rock Lobster. A dive everyone should give a go!

ENTRY: You can get in to the water by a giant stride from the stern then swim to the bow. An alternative entry is via the Tanks for shore dives and snorkelling, its about a 150meter swim from the shore.

DESCENT: Descend the anchor line holding the line all the way down to the reef / sand.

DEPTH: On the top of the reef it is about 6 metres and 9 metres on the sand.

BOTTOM TIMES: Can be up to 45 minutes. We recommend it to be around 35 minutes.

SAFETY STOPS: There is no safety stop required for this dive, but a slow ascent is important.

DANGER: Visibility can sometimes be down to 2 metres or so. It can be up to 25 metres plus. Surge can also be a problem on this dive site, so you may find that the northern side could be the calmest.

IF YOU: Come off the reef: Do a normal ascent, surface, establish positive buoyancy, signal the boat and deploy your safety sausage. Wave your arm if you need help or your safety sausage and we will come and get you as soon as we can.


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