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Haydens Rock .. The ’cruisiest’ dive around town. . . . Haydens Rock is a large rocky outcrop situated between Pebbly Beach and Forsters’ Main Beach, approximately 150 metres off the headland. This dive site is very good for the beginner diver right up to the very advanced diver. Haydens Rock is home to an array of marine life including numerous amounts of species of small tropical fish, which come and go at different times throughout the year. Blue Groper, Moray eels, Stingrays, Southern Eagle Rays (otherwise known as Bull Rays). You might even see small Pufferfish if you look in the undercuts of the reef, along with the Banded Shrimp, and other small crayfish species. This dive is also known to have Loggerhead Turtles sleeping in the undercuts from time to time, so keep your eye out for them!

ENTRY: You can get in to the water by a giant stride from the stern then swim to the bow or if you are shore diving, its about a 150 metre swim from Forster’s Main Beach.

DESCENT: Descend the anchor line holding the line all the way down. Or if shore diving, descend together watching each other on your way down.

DEPTH: Your depth on this dive will not exceed 10 metres.

BOTTOM TIMES: Can be up to 45 minutes. We recommend that you do 35 minutes.

SAFETY STOPS: There is no safety stop required for this dive, but a slow ascent from every dive is important.

DANGER: Visibility: can sometimes be down to 2 metres or so but it can also be up to 25 metres+ Swell: Swell may be a problem on this dive due to the large amount of exposed rock and the varying depths, you must be aware of this at all times. Current: can sometimes be a problem for shore divers, though its mainly surface current you will need to be aware of.

IF YOU: Come off the reef just do a normal ascent, surface, establish positive buoyancy, signal the boat and deploy your safety sausage. Wave your arm if you need help or your safety sausage and we will come and get you as soon as we can.



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